Where our pups are now

We’ve shipped English bulldog puppies all over, concentrating in the South Eastern portion of the United States.  We’ve worked diligently to find ground and air shipping that is safe for your new puppy when meeting in person isn’t a possibility. Shipping English bulldogs can be an extremely difficult task.  For starters, shipping them via airplane is only an option during certain months.  Even when the embargo is lifted in September, the temperatures can still be too high to safely fly your English bulldog so we’ve discovered ways to get your puppy to you without putting them through unnecessary stress.

My husband, Jason, and I personally deliver about 99% of the puppies we sell because we LOVE meeting our new parents personally.    We love being able to meet and deliver the puppy to its excited new parents.  It helps us finally put a face with the numerous text messages, phone calls, emails, and Facebook discussions.  Please check out our map below.  We have sold numerous pups in several of these cities but only put up a marker for each city. Please contact us with any questions!  To find out more about the pups we’ve sold, please check out our Testimonials Page.

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