King Harold

Hey Windy!

I wanted to send you an update on the King.  He has been living large as usual and expanding his empire.  I’ve now moved my horse down to Birmingham so he gets to go out and play at the barn each evening.  I have attached pictures of him playing with various things that he steals out of the tack room.  Stinky horsey things are delicious and much more fun than regular toys (not to mention illegal which adds to the appeal).  DJ (the horse) and he have been working on getting along better.  Harold had to learn that horse feet are not the place to be and that she REALLY doesn’t want to wrestle and play with him (she is, in fact, not just a really large dog which he didn’t know).  She had to learn to respect him a little bit, which was a pretty funny experience for me.  She tends to bite and snap, and though she knows she can’t do that to me, she thought she’d try and intimidate Harold.  She reached down when he walked past and snapped at him.  Harold, being a bulldog, flipped over, jumped up, and grabbed her by the nose (playfully of course) but she was offended and appalled that she just stood there staring at him…haha.  That pretty much settled the score and they get along swimmingly since.

He is going to head to Thanksgiving with the family this weekend so he should have a lot of fun.  He went to a race in Huntsville this past weekend, I was spectating, my boyfriend was running in it.  He made all of the “ordinary” dogs feel bad because EVERYONE loves a beautiful bully rock star.  He runs up to every man, woman, and child available to him and everyone compliments him on how handsome and regal he is and take lots of pictures of him.  The golden retrievers don’t stand a chance.  But anyway, enjoy the pics!  Happy Thanksgiving from me and the King!

Lea Huggins


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