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When purchasing an English bulldog puppy, the most important thing you should look for is a great health guarantee!  Our guarantee is designed to protect you as the buyer, and us as the seller.  Believe it or not, there aren’t just bad puppy breeders- there are also bad puppy BUYERS! We spend a LOT of time talking with our new parents via phone, email, and text message long before our puppies are even born so we have a great relationship so we don’t have issues but this guarantee protects us “just in case”.



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Deposit Agreement and Contract Acknowledgement

Health Section

Seller states the puppy you are purchasing is healthy at the time of sale. For purpose of this agreement, once the puppy leaves the Seller’s premises, it is under the Buyer’s control. Notice of any problem with said puppy must be received within 48 hours in the manner described below.

1. ALL guidelines in the Health Section MUST be followed in their entirety or Health Guarantee will be NULL AND VOID. You MUST comply with all guidelines in the time frame listed or no refund will be issued nor will a replacement puppy be given.

2. Buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a reputable veterinarian (currently practicing and in good standings with the veterinarian oversight groups) within 2 business days from the time of the purchase and to have the Veterinary Examination Report completed by the attending veterinarian. This report must be returned to Seller immediately following the examination. This report may be faxed to 229-294-2493. If the veterinarian establishes a MAJOR problem (Internal, External Parasites, Dry Eye, Cherry Eye, Entropion and Kennel Cough excluded) within the puppy upon initial examination, puppy may be returned at this time. Seller reserves the right to have puppy examined by a veterinarian of Seller’s choice, before exchange is made. (Arrangements for the return of the puppy must be made within four hours of the veterinary exam).

3. Seller will consider a replacement puppy only if the conditions detailed above are met. If the puppy has not visited the Veterinarian as agreed, within the 2 business day time frame, and Seller immediately following exam has not received the Vet Exam Report, NO exchange or refund will be considered.

4. Puppy is guaranteed for 48 hours from date and time of purchase against infectious diseases such as Parvo, Corona, or Distemper.

5. All veterinary and medical expenses are the responsibility of the Buyer.

6. All pups can be micro chipped for permanent identification-loss protection, as recommended by AKC, before leaving the breeders facilities. Micro chipping is an additional $75. Micro chipping ensures your puppy future safety and meets AKC requirements.

7. The Seller does not guarantee size or color of pet, when mature. It is impossible to accurately determine the EXACT adult size of any puppy when sold; therefore, we cannot give any size guarantee. Size estimate is based on bloodline, age, and size of puppy at time of sale.

8. The Seller makes no guarantees, or warranties regarding the disposition, conformation, breeding ability and/or show potential of the puppy.

9. Puppy is guaranteed for one year of date of purchase against life threatening illnesses. The following items are not life threatening and are not covered under the health guarantee treatable mange, dry eye, cherry eye, Entropion, “loose hips”, skin allergies, Coccidia, bacterial and viral illnesses. If the puppy is dies from a congenital defect within the 1 year time frame and after an autopsy, if the seller’s and buyer’s vets agree that the demise was from a congenital defect, a replacement puppy will be given with the same stipulations as in # 3 as stated in the Return Section of this agreement.

10. This puppy will be spayed /neutered as soon as Buyer’s vet deems necessary.  Must be within 13 months. Veterinarian proof of spay/neuter will be mailed to breeder. This requirement of spay/neuter is a condition to the sale of this puppy, and was reflected in the original purchase price. Therefore, if this part of the contract is not complied with, Buyer owes the difference in purchase price, which is a total of $750.00.

11. Seller will retain the Registration (AKC) papers until the spay/neuter terms of this contract have been met.

12. Buyer agrees not to resale puppy to any Puppy Mill, Broker, Research or Wholesale Organization.

13. Buyer is not in any way affiliated with any Puppy Mill, Broker, Research or Wholesale Organization.

14. All shipping expenses, including health certificate is the responsibility of the Buyer.

15. The Buyer understands that the delivery date of the puppy may be changed due to weather restrictions with the airlines. The Buyer understands that the Seller has no control over the weather and the Seller guarantees safe shipment of the puppy at the earliest possible date weather permitting.

16. Shipping cost is calculated from Atlanta, Georgia or Jacksonville, FL (Seller’s choice) to your nearest major airport via Delta Airlines. All other shipping arrangements will require additional shipping cost and expenses to be added. Please know that Delta Airlines only ships bulldogs if the temperature is less than 75 degrees.

17. Absolutely no monetary refunds will be given.

18. Buyer agrees not to charge back credit card when using this for means of payment. If Buyer issues a charge back for authorized and legal charges, Buyer understands all collection charges from attorney will be the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer entered into a legally binding contract as soon as signing the authorization for the credit card purchase.

19. If the Purchaser decides to cancel their transaction after purchase all monies will be forfeited. The money can be used as a credit toward another puppy within 12 months from the date of the original purchase or next available litter, whichever is first.


Return Section

1. To return a puppy, notify us by phone prior to return. The original veterinary report, concurrent health records, and registration papers must be presented with the puppy.

2. Buyer will be given a replacement puppy of comparable size, age and value. (If replacement puppy is not available at this time, Buyer will be given a voucher for puppy and notified IMMEDIATELY when comparable puppy is available). ALL exchanges are limited to a puppy of the same value or purchase price of the puppy.

3. In the event of death of puppy within the 48-hour guarantee period, Buyer will take the deceased puppy to a veterinarian of his/her choice for the purpose of an autopsy at Buyer’s expense. The deceased puppy must be returned with a statement from the veterinarian setting forth cause of death. A veterinarian of Seller’s choice to verify cause of death will then examine the deceased puppy. Assuming the two veterinarians agree the puppy died of natural causes of a warrantable condition, a replacement puppy will be provided to Buyer. However, if trauma or neglect is found to play a role in the demise of the puppy in any manner or fashion, then NO exchange will be forthcoming. Additionally, Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless for such. Puppies are not exchanged for any other reason.



1. All deposits are $750.00 to hold the pup of your choice.

2. All deposits are non-refundable. Absolutely no refunds in part or in full will be given.

3. Deposits may be applied for the pup of choice in the order the deposit has been received on a first received-first served basis. The deposit guarantees you a choice of available pups. We do not take deposits on color and sex choices, deposits only determine which number you will be in choosing the pup.

4. If the pup of choice is not available, the deposit will be held and can be applied to a pup from next available litter.


Additional Terms of Sale

1. Buyer agrees to provide for this dog’s emotional and physical care, including annual physical examinations and recommended vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian, nutritious food, positive-reward behavior training, local dog licenses if required, and basic obedience training classes. PLEASE KEEP YOUR VACCINATION RECORDS AND VET CHECK UP REPORTS- you will HAVE to have all records should you need to return the puppy.

2. Buyer understands that this breed of dog needs special considerations regarding its environment, and agrees to house the dog indoors the majority of time. When outdoors these dogs requires fixed shade, ample safe, clean water supply, complete and secure fencing, especially when a swimming pool is on premises.

3. If the Buyer lives in an apartment complex, or any other residence that may restrict pets, Buyer affirms they have received permission from the proper authority for this puppy.

4. Buyer agrees to keep puppy from the general public as best as possible for 30 days, for the health of the puppy and to safeguard the puppy against stress, environmental and communicable diseases.

5. Buyer agrees to keep Seller informed of the puppy’s wellbeing and milestones at regular intervals. All physical ailments should be reported in a timely manner. Buyer understands the Seller wants to stay informed about the puppy. Pictures are welcomed.

6. Buyer agrees to allow correspondence between Seller and Buyer to be used at Seller’s discretion for marketing materials. This includes any pictures Buyer supplies Seller. Seller will not use pictures with children for internet purposes because of the dangers. Seller will use all other photos for marketing purposes.

This contract represents the final agreement between the Buyer and Seller. This contract is made and entered into in the State of Georgia and shall be enforced and interpreted under the laws of this State. Legal venue will be held in Colquitt County, Georgia in all cases. I have read, understand and agree to the terms and limitations set forth above.

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 Please contact us with any questions. If you don’t have any questions, please complete the top portion of page.  Then sign and date the bottom of this page. Please initial each page so that when they are sent back to us we have verification that all pages were read.

Feel free to email the 4 pages back to us or fax them to us at 229-294-2493.

You can also mail them to PO Box 68, Pelham, GA 31779.

 Deposit Agreement and Contract Acknowledgment (PDF Version)


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